It is better to join the scientific and educational process of KAU from school. The Junior Academic University (JAU, a joint unit of Kyiv Academic University and Minor Academy of Sciences) can be a first chance for young people to try their skills at research and decide if they really want and can dedicate their lives to science. JAU supports several areas: Extramural Academic School, Research and Education Center, Schools and Olympiads, open lessons, popular lectures and others. Also, within the framework of JAU, we have launched two new projects: for the youngest students - Math Problems for Varia, and for older ones, starting from the 5th grade of secondary school - the project Physical and Mathematical Minimum KAU.

The Extramural Academic School was built on the basis and on the principles of the Ukrainian Extramural Physical and Technical School, which functioned at KB MIPT, and then at the Physics and Engineering Education and Research Center since 1985. The Extramural Academic School provides an opportunity for talented students from all over Ukraine to fulfill their abilities, giving them access to quality Physics and Mathematics pre-university studies. Enrollment to the school takes place in the spring of each year based on the results of the introductory task in Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science.

The Scientific and Educational Center has operated at the Bogolyubov Institute of Theoretical Physics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine since 2001 and now represents a full-time form of optional education for schoolchildren. The Center takes care of out-of-school and out-of-university scientific education, organizes optional studies of schoolchildren, conducts experimental Olympiads, summer and winter schools.

Math Problems for Varia

We have started a new project - a series of math problems for the youngest students - Math Problems for Varia. A girl named Varia from Odessa, who is in the second grade and is very interested in Mathematics has contacted us, asking for interesting math problems, which she could solve at home alone or with her parents. We try to fulfill this request of Varia and select a consistent cycle of interesting math problems so that she can further train her abilities of logical thinking. This course may be useful for other children who are interested in Mathematics. Therefore, we decided to place such problems on our website. Other boys and girls may be interested in solving them and sending us their solutions. On this page, we will gradually post problems that are designed for younger students. For convenience, we have also created a link to the appropriate form, which can be used to send us solutions as well as the conditions for considering solutions.

Physical and Mathematical Minimum KAU

Within the framework of the Junior Academic University we have launched a new initiative "Physical and Mathematical Minimum of KAU". It is planned to create a complete system of sufficient levels of knowledge in Physics and Mathematics, from the 5th grade students to the PhD examination. This work is very difficult and can take quite a long time. The idea is to create a system of consistent tasks designed for different levels of basic knowledge, which would help everyone to create an integrated system of mathematical perspective. For graduate students of the Institute of Mathematics, such a system has already been developed and formulated in the programs of entrance exams to graduate studies and programs of PhD exams. We set ourselves the task of improving it and extending it to all lower levels of mathematics education, starting with school. Any help is welcome. Please, contact us.

Mathematical Minimum of KAU

Physical Minimum of KAU